Founded in 2008, we’ve helped our clients generate new customers in a rainy economy.


Kilian Integrated specializes in generating online leads and sales. Since its inception, we’ve driven thousands of trackable online leads and sales units for clients. Well-versed in mobile marketing, we offer responsive web design (RWD), mobile app development, mobile couponing, and more.

With a history of managing paid search campaigns exceeding $40K spend per month, we’re capable of dealing with all sizes of companies. While our clients are predominantly in larger markets, we take pride in helping our local clients from Wausau, Wisconsin when we can be of service.


We cleared the smoke and broke the mirrors.

Your account’s actual work is handled by formally educated marketers with field experience, not entry-levels or interns

Firm focus is on current clients, not new business

ROI is the key success metric for our performance and creativity is simply a means to clients’ profitability

› Firm stands behind its work and readily participates in performance-oriented agreements

› Extensive knowledge of both branding and direct response with a hybrid application of both in clients’ campaigns

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